A Small Business Owner’s Guide to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You are running a small business. Once you dream of the business of the something you love most. You get into that, luckily now you are running your any small business. You are doing each and everything that is an integral part of your business like keeping the record of the receipts and the payment bills, customers service hosting and above all, you are a full-time caretaker.

As a business owner, you want to know the top principles and tactics of the SEO. As you have shortage of time and you want your business to earn more and for this purpose, the SEO is significant for your business. As a pro in the SEO, I will share some important and top principles of the SEO for your small business, here in this article. So, if you want your business to grow more, keep your eyes on this article.

SEO Principle # 1. User Intent is King

You have definitely heard that the content is king. If not then read it. No, content is not a king. Instead of the content, User Intent is king and it is the most important thing in your online business whether it is small or at a large scale. By content search engines try to fulfill the user’s intentions and demands. So, user intent is at the top. So, the key is when you generate content for your business you should ruminate the types of the customers, their intentions and demands. The content which clearly emphasizes on the users’ intent, that business grows faster.

SEO Principle # 2. Links

Links for your web pages matter! Now the question is why? So, the answer is here. As a business owner, you should know all the ins and outs of the links. This could be so important. The links build trust in your business. The links give your pages a top rank signal. When any site links your page, customer’s trusts build upon you. These links work as votes and if you have more votes, you are more trustworthy and you can earn more profit. As a business owner, you must want your page rank at the top. Links help you a lot in giving you a high rank.

SEO Principle # 3. Technicality

The technicality in the SEO is important. It refers to the code side and the server side of your web pages. If you use the right technology for your web pages, you will be able to speed up your page, it will structure the data, it will be helpful in scripts and tracking (the technical terms of the SEO), in internal linkages and structures, in duplications and other incorrect content, Google URL functions.

So, the technicality in the SEO is the most important thing. It gives you all the aspect that you want in your business and in your content to be at the top. In order to check your SEO content, Alan Bleiweiss’ free SEO Audit Checklist can help you a lot. But the important thing is that SEO technology is only understandable by the SEO professional and technical experts. If you are not a pro, you can bring your content in a dangerous situation. So, knowledge of the technical things is important here.

SEO Principle # 4. Local SEO

Local AEO is something different from the technical SEO strategies. In the local SEO, the strategies and the elements are bit different. Most probably, you have heard about it. The areas in the Local SEO are local relevancy and the local strength. In this, the specification is about the local relevancy in the SEO.

Importance of Entities in SEO

If you want to understand SEO of modern era, you have got learn about entities. The major reason is that SEO has become advance, and it is going to be more advanced in the coming months and years. Catching up with the updates and developing strategies to deal with the changes is something which remains quite important but doing do is easier said than done.

A few most important entities that are going to be long term include:

  • Content
  • Links
  • RankBrain

The evolution of all three entities has been quite evident. There had been other ranking factors which were thought to be quite stronger but all those have gone into the abyss.


Content, without a doubt, is the king of SEO. The matter of fact is that content serves as a medium which connect different entities inside it to each other to make the overall page understandable. For instance, if anyone says “SEO is dead”, he is basically talking about two entities, i.e. “SEO” and “Dead”. Content is the medium in which the entities get an opportunity to connect with each other.


We all know how important the links are. Now, you may not be familiar with the concept of entities when it comes to discussion about links but you certainly know about the link’s ability to connect one page to another. Looking at the concept of entities in this regard, you can call pages the entities in this regard. There are basically three entities at work, i.e. two pages and a link. The link works behind anchor text. The anchor text is an entity which provides the context of the page it leads to. If a link can be described as a direct relationship, an anchor text is the logical relationship between the pages.


RankBrain is not exactly a ranking signal, but we are not exactly talking about the ranking signals. When we talk about entities, role of RankBrain cannot be ignored because it is the very algorithm working in the backend in order to established logical connections between the entities. The algorithm does it by making adjustments according to the weightage the ranking signals carry.

For instance, if you write ‘best holiday gifts’ RankBrain is going to see which ranking signals would provide best results to this query. It is going to consider some entities in this scenario. for instance, time can be considered as an entity in this regard. If you are entering this query in 2018, you would certainly find search results belonging to 2014 useless. RankBrain has been trained to consider time as the most important entity in this regard. However, time is not going to be the major entity for the queries like ‘American Civil War’.

The purpose of seeing things from the perspective of entities is to make things simplified. This way, you will also be able to know what entities are going to be the part of the game in the coming days.